Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Career New Jobs !!! Exciting!!

Gosh its been a long time since I've been on here. Alot has changed in the last couple of years. Ed has made our little home into a nice retirement cottage. Too bad we can't retire!!! Ed & I have been racking our brains (whats left of them) trying to find something we could do other than our physically stressful jobs. And a little praying too. What happened the other night was a total shock to both of us. The owner of Perkins called us - we know him well from when Mishelle worked there - his name is Ed too, (Is that a sign) He wants to reopen the the resturant and wants us to invest and help manage it!! It won't be Perkins anymore because he lost that franchise - it will be a "Chuck E. Cheese". Finally a family fun resturant that everyone can enjoy. We were hesitant at first- didn't know if we wanted to invest our own money in something like this - but after doing some thinking we decided it would be something fun to do in our old age. No stress, how hard can it be. Fun Fun Fun all day. The renovation will take a while because of the games and things that have to be installed and all new cooking equipment but Ed can help with that. They are going to fly us to California to a "Chuck E. Cheese" school. I know that sounds funny but it is required for owner/managers. There is so much to learn - kind of scarey in fact - but Mishelle said that when they move back in a couple of years she would help. And we have lots of nieces and nephews always looking for a job. Well at least we will be closer to our new job! And what a relief to not have that long drive everyday. This is just the change we needed and we are looking so forward to the new easier life style. Hope to see you all when we get things open at the new Chuck E. Cheese!!


Todd and Shana said...

Haha, love it!!!

Mishelle Noyes said...

hmmmm....sounds kind of cheesy to me! Lol!